Sony HD Bravia LCD TV

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• BRAVIA Internet Video
• Edge LED Backlight
• Motionflow 100Hz
• Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Ready (requires optional Wi-Fi Adapter)
• Monolithic Design

Live Colourâ„¢ Ambient Sensor MPEG Noise Reduction Bravia Sync Full HD 1080 BRAVIA Engine 3

For more than 60 years, Sony products have been created in accordance with an ambitious set of performance and design ideals to provide the most enjoyable experience possible.

 Read about the specific technical highlights of this model here:


Live Colour - Powered by an image processor using an algorithm specially developed by Sony, Live Colour is able to reproduce incredibly vivid colours on screen. With four user-adjustable settings available, you can choose just how vivid you want your images to be. Whether its a brilliant blue sky or a bright red rose, everything stands out so much more with Live Colour

Ambient Sensor - Because we watch television shows under varying lighting conditions throughout the day whether daylight or fluorescent lamps images may sometimes appear washed out or too bright.
 Ambient Sensor compensates for this by reading the brightness and colour temperature of the BRAVIAs surroundings and adjusting the image accordingly so you'll always get the best picture possible all the time, at any time.

MPEG Noise Reduction - BRAVIA televisions have an intelligent MPEG Noise Reduction (NR) feature that gets rid of both speck-like noise around subtitles and block noise that are usually found in fast-moving scenes. Effective for SD, HD, and even upconverted images, MPEG NR ensures a sharper and more beautiful result each and every time.

BRAVIA Sync - BRAVIA Sync lets you link all compatible devices together for a simple one-push startup/shutdown process. Additionally, you can also operate these devices using just the BRAVIA remote control. With BRAVIA Sync, it's all about convenience because entertainment should never be hard work!

Full HD 1080 -  Don't miss a single thing with Full HD quality! From the smallest detail to the brightest colour, everything appears clearer and more lifelike for a truly immersive experience.
 Plus, with so many HD source options from HD broadcasting, Blu-ray Disc players, HD Handycam camcorders, HD Cyber-shot digital cameras, to your PLAYSTATION 3 it's easier to enjoy quality images than ever before!

BRAVIA Engine 3 - In LCD televisions, the main determining factor for picture quality is the processing engine. BRAVIA Engine 3 is a high definition video processor which reproduces pictures with higher contrast, superior colours, and amazing clarity.

 Best of all, you can enjoy these high quality images regardless of whether the source is in SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition).

Warranty:365 Days


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