LED Lantern Set with Phone Charger

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This handy and economical Hand Crank Ultra LED Lantern with Mobile Phone Charger is ideal for hunting, fishing and camping expeditions. Powered by hand cranking, this torch is not only economical, but always ready in an emergency and safe for the environment. The lantern pops up illuminating a 360 degree radius with dual light sources. As a safety feature, the lantern comes complete with a loud alert emergency siren. The ultra bright LED has more than 50,000 hours life and the handy mobile charger makes this lantern assuring on 4WD and camping trips, as if your phone runs out of charge you know you'll always have a power source available. Don't have the time to crank it? It can also be charged via your car cigarette lighter socket!

Hand Crank Ultra LED Lantern with Mobile Phone Charger.
Power comes from cranking the handle.
Four ways to power up:- Heavy duty dynamo wind up generator.
Built in rechargeable battery which is replaceable.
Rechargeable with 12V DC input (vehicle's cigarette lighter socket).
Rechargeable with 12V ACDC adapter (not included).

Pop up 360 degree lantern with dual lighting.
Loud alert emergency siren.
Self contained storage protection.
Charges many types of mobile phone.
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